Playboy: Little Annie Fanny

Комиксы Harvey Kurtzman «Little Annie Fanny» для журнала Playboy

Комиксы «Little Annie Fanny» для Playboy by Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder & Russ Heath. Представляю вашему вниманию 4 из 107 эпизодов, опубликованных в журнале Playboy в 1963-67 гг.

[tab:Episode №9] Episode №9 ~ Hepplewhite the ArtistЯндекс Playboy ~ September/1963

[tab:Episode №11] Episode %11 ~ Holiday One-Upman-Ship Playboy ~ December/1963

[tab:Episode №16] Episode №16 ~ Collecting Weapons Playboy ~ October/1964 (Jack Davis also assisted on this episode)

[tab:Episode №17] Episode №17 ~ In Outer Space Playboy ~ December/1964

[tab:даты публикации зпизодов]
Date Title
October Madison Avenue
November Playing Doctor
December 0 Christmas Office Party
January Sugardaddy Bigbucks
March Flims, Italian Style
April The Unhappy Comic
May Kennedy Jokes
July Fifty Mile Hike
September The Artist
November The Talent Contest
December Yuletide One-Upmanship
January The Set Jets to South America
April Annie Joins the Peace Corps
July Alone on a Desert Isle
September Lost at Sea
October Gun Fun
December Astronaut Annie
January From Annie with Love
February Thunderballing
May The Topless Suit Case
July The Surfers
October Seven Days with Mae
December Annie Meets the Bleatles
January Battbarton’s Holiday Spirit
March On the Brooklyn B.M.T
May Annie in TV Wasteland
July Annie Under the Sheets
September Euphoria-in-the-Pines Resort
October Hoopadedoo Show
December Greenback Busters
January High Camp
May Las Vegas Kidnapping
August Americans in Paris
September The Ultimate Kick
December Booby Doll
January The Master-tester Institute
March Unionized Cruise Ship
June Annie at the Olympics
December The Real Howard Hews
February Discotheques
April Annie the Actress
July See-Through Dress
October Living Theatre
December Astrology
January Marijuana
May Nude Therapy
July Underground Press
September Women’s Lib
October Unisex
December Aphrodisiacs
January Hippie Commune
April This Exploits Women
June Burglar Alarm
September Health Spa
December Body Language
June Swingers
September Violence in America
November Ralph Raider
January Bachelor Pad
June Watchdog
August Bobby Fishey
November Henry Kissingbug
January Mafia
June Freak Rock
December Singles Apartments
March Acupunture
May St. Tropez
August Ecology
January The Gay Scene
August Tennis
December Headstone, Part I

Playboy: Little Annie Fanny

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