Прически, тур по городам

Coast-to-Coast Hairdos, 1968
Coast-to-Coast Hairdos, 1968
“To bring you the best — north, south, east, west — we took model Sylvia Sterling on a hairdo tour. Find your own great look among these Coast-to-Coast Hairdos by 10 Top Stylists.”

The author pays a visit to various big cities across the United States, and presents a look that represents the style of each place. The cities visited are St. Louis, Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

St. Louis and Toronto

San Francisco

Chicago and New York

Fort Lauderdale

Houston and Denver

Los Angeles and Washington

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Прически, тур по городам

Апр 19, 2010 | Мода, стиль, реклама

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